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The Sculptor's Mistake

This game will test your knowledge of Art terms. In many ways it resembles the classic game called HANGMAN. The difference, however, is that I've replaced the hanging body with Bernini's famous sculpture David (it's less gruesome).

Sculptor's Mistake
Sculptor's Mistake
Sculptor's Mistake
Sculptor's Mistake

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I've chosen 590 words that are related to famous artists, art history, art materials, art theory and concepts, architecture and design. Your browser will select a word at random. You must then guess the letters in that word before your priceless statue crumbles to dust.

To begin, simply click a letter. If that letter is in the word, it will appear over a red blank. If it is not in the word, a part of your sculpture will crumble. My strategy is to choose some vowels first (except U and Y, unless there's already a Q on the screen or it seems like the word might end with a Y). I'll then choose the most common consonants, which are R, S, T and N. Even with this "flawless" strategy, I've lost more stautes than I care to admit.


P.S. I think I've chosen some very good art terms, words like "abecedarian" and "abbozzo", but if you have other words that I can add to my list, you're welcome to send them to me using my Contact Form.

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