3D Art Projects

3D Art Projects

3D Art Projects

Art Podcasts*

These files are provided courtesy of Man vs Art, CBC Radio, TED Talks and TV Ontario (TVO). They are meant to suppliment and enhance your coursework. Most students listen to them, but some do not. The choice is yours, but I strongly encourage everyone to give them a listen because many of the lectures will dovetail with them and, at several points through the semester, I will give you the opportunity to earn bonus marks by answering a short question (usually with one or two words) that relates to a podcast. A final grade can easily go from a B+ to an A– because of bonus marks!
Podcast Duration / Size Listen By
So you want to be an artist? 5 Unavoidable truths about being an artist. 54:37 / 50 MB TBA
Advice for Artists on Overcoming the Fear of Failure. 57:40 / 53 MB TBA
Charles Jencks on Critical Modernism 55:08 / 50.5 MB TBA
Art in the Twenty-First Century: Jeff Koons in "Fantasy" 13:26 TBA
Imagination, part 1 53:59 TBA
Imagination, part 2 54:00 TBA
7 Myths About Artists that have to go! 56:00 / 51 MB TBA
Setting Artistic Goals and Finishing your Projects. 50:20 / 46 MB TBA
The Difference Between Bad, Good and Great Art 40:00 / 38 MB TBA
Wachtel On The Arts – Ai Weiwei 54:00 / 55 MB TBA

More Selections:

*NOTE: Click the links above to activate the podcasts. The files are streaming MP3's, so you can click the play button as soon as your media player appears.

Most of the files are quite large, so please be patient if they don't load immediately. If you are prompted to install a Quick Time or a Flash Player plug-in, please do so (these files are perfectly safe).

If you prefer, you can download these files by right-clicking the links and then selecting "Save Target As...". You can then load the file onto an MP3 player and listen to it at your leisure.

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