3D Art Projects

3D Art Projects

3D Art Projects

Paper Form Project

Objective: Create several high relief paper constructions (three studies and one finished work) that demonstrate the principles of emphasis, variety, movement, balance, unity and rhythm.

Materials: One full sheet of Bristol Board (white or coloured) for the support, one or more half sheets (cut lengthwise) of different colours of Bristol board to make long strips, construction paper, white glue, scissors, green or blue masking tape.

Procedure: Using the construction paper, begin making your studies. Refer to the colour theory that you learned in Art 231 to select several colours that will harmonize or compliment each other. Cut the construction paper lengthwise into strips of various widths from about 1/4" to 2". Begin gluing the strips to a support (one full sheet of construction paper). The easiest way to attach a strip is to glue down one end, hold it in place for a few seconds, then twist or bend the loose end and glue it down. Continue to add strips in this way until the composition seems complete.

Examples of Student Works

Student Paper Construction #1 Student Paper Construction #2 Student Paper Construction #3 Student Paper Construction #4 Student Paper Construction #5, detail Student Paper Construction #6 Student Paper Construction #7 Student Paper Construction #8

During this process, DO NOT try to predetermine how your design will look. Rather, allow the process of adding strips to unfold in a natural way whereby each strip interacts with those that have already been added, the cumulative effect of which will suggest a "direction" that you could follow toward completion of the work.

These preliminary studies are meant to allow you to experiment with different compositions so that you avoid the mistake of using your first idea, which is almost always the most superficial and least interesting. As you work, you will probably notice that each study suggests ideas for further exploration. You may in fact, find it necessary to make more than three studies before you exhaust your ideas. You are welcome to make as many studies as you like, but you are required to hand in only three when you submit your finished work.

Once you've made several studies, choose the one that seems most successful. You will use this study to create your finished work by using your Bristol board as you used your construction paper. You are welcome to trade different colours of Bristol board with your classmates. You may also combine construction paper with Bristol board if it works for certain areas of your composition.

NOTE: The finished work does not have to replicate one of your studies, but it should resemble some aspect of one of them. You may also want to include aspects from other successful studies in your finished work, which is perfectly fine.

To get a good mark, your finished work must exhibit a comprehensive understanding of the Compositional Principles of Variety, Movement, Balance, Unity and Rhythm. Your work will also show that you have attended to the details of cutting your paper with clean, sharp edges and affixing it to the support in such a way that excess white glue and tape appear non-existent and surfaces are clean and free of defects.

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