3D Art Projects

3D Art Projects

3D Art Projects

Elements of 3D Art

Design is the word we use whenever we make marks on a flat surface (as in the case of advertising and two–dimensional art); whenever we shape a volume of some particular material (as in the case of prototyping a consumer object and making a sculpture); and whenever we define a space (as in the case of architecture, interior decor and installation art).

Before making marks on a flat surface, shaping a volume or defining a space, one needs to think about HOW the mark will be made; HOW the volume will be shaped; or HOW the space will be defined. Equally as important, one needs to consider WHY a mark, object or space must be created in the first place. The world has finite resources and we are rapidly approaching a point where discretion must be used whenever we add to the clutter that surrounds us, or whenever we relegate another portion of our limited planet to some fruitless endeavour.

HOW we make the mark, volume or space will depend on the materials, support and methods that we use. To make sense of the vast array of choices before us, it's often easier to catagorize things as being either natural or fabricated (a somewhat arbitrary distinction, but useful nevertheless).

Some materials are

Some supports are

Some methods are

HOW we make the mark, volume or space will determine its FORM. When we talk about FORM, we are really talking about the PROPERTIES of shape, value, colour, line, mass and texture. You can memorize these FORMAL PROPERTIES by using the clever mnemonic Sexy Vixens Cause Lonely Men to Tremble. Properties can be

WHY the object or space is made depends on only one thing, CONTENT. Content means that a mark, volume or space has some sort of significance beyond itself. Like a signpost pointing the viewer in a specific direction, marks, objects and spaces almost always signify ideas or emotions beyond their visual appearance. This is what we normally regard as the "meaning" of a work. CONTENT can be

There are countless ways that material, support, method, form and content interact. The most interesting works will probably combine natural elements with fabricated elements in unexpected or pleasing ways.

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